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Hi my name is sarah and this is a self-portrait of me above. I have been studying reiki for about 2 years.

My first advice for you right from the start is get SOLID and planned online reiki lessons. Most beginners will spend their first few weeks learning from multiple internet sources which usually results in very poor progress.

I made similar mistakes and while $100 sounds like a lot now its really a cheap investment because its actually going to save you on time (keep in mind how valuable time is). Online reiki courses speeds up the process because these courses have one primary teacher that has structured their course in a progressive way where you don’t have to worry trying to find the next step. Otherwise you might be spending months trying to learn and worse, give up on an opportunity that will benefit you for your lifetime.

Long story short, you need planned step-by-step training from the experts if you want to learn reiki online.

Now on to the courses


judith conroy reiki Reiki master

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This is Judith Conroy. She is going to be your guidance for learning Reiki online. She is an Author, Writer, and the creator of the course “Chikara-Reiki-Do”. She also holds qualifications in nursing for allopathic medicine with more than 20 years of experience before moving on to Reiki. Judith is a reiki master and a master healer. After her course I can say she is for sure a master teacher.

Judith also has her own youtube channel where she answers many of the common questions that has been thrown around for some time. She gives out very informative information for free out to the public. Before you start your Reiki training online, I recommend you watch a few videos that answers some of the common questions which I conveniently placed down below for you (yes I am that nice).

Question 1: Can I get attuned without physically seeing a Reiki practitioner?

Answer: In short, yes. You can attune yourself if you follow Judith’s course. Heres a video of Judith explaining it more in detail.

Questions 2: If you are doing an attunement by yourself how do you know if you did it right?

Answer: Just listen to Judith has to say.


This page is still under construction and will be updated frequently.